Facial Hair Transplantation | Beverly Hills Hair Restoration

Eyebrow hair transplant is an excellent way to replace eyebrows or touch up small areas of hair loss that result from over-plucking, scars, or genetic causes. Eyebrow restoration uses the same technique as a hair transplant surgery, in which a small amount of hair from just above the ear or back of the head is extracted and transplanted to the eyebrow region. The eyebrow transplant procedure is performed by our experienced hair restoration surgeon, Dr. John Kahen M.D. and takes about 2-3 hours. Patients can choose between FUE or Strip Harvest technique, or Dr. Kahen will also provide suggestions that will benefit the patient the most.?Eyebrow restoration is a highly artistic procedure in which a brow is individually designed based on your facial type, your features, and the results you personally desire. Dr. Kahen considers the arch shape, appropriate thickness of hair, space between brows, and brow length.

Beard and mustache hair transplant has grown in popularity over he years. More and more young adults who are victims of "boy face" opt for this type of procedure to fill in gaps and dense up their beards. The surgery is performed via FUT or Strip Harvest depending on the amount of grafts necessary to achieve the patients goals. The surgery takes about 6-8 hours and every patient varies.
Sideburn hair transplants are performed in the same manner that a regular hair restoration procedure would be achieved and because of the smaller are, this procedure may take less time to complete. This too is performed via FUE or Strip Harvest depending on number of grafts needed and on patient preference.

For all hair restoration procedures, the grafts, or hair follicles, are extracted from an area in the back of the head that is genetically resistant to hair loss, which is why the hair transplanted will be permanent.

Most common locations:

  • Eyebrow Transplantation

  • Beard and Mustache Transplantation

  • Sideburns Transplantation