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Today, the cost of a hair transplant is a vastly better value than ever before. At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, the hair transplant cost is insurmountable compared to the natural results we provide for our patients. Increased competition combined with the increased ability of a specialized clinic to produce large sessions of follicular units has resulted in patients getting better and the most natural results as well as increased density.

When the hair transplant was in its beginning stage, a clinic usually charged a higher price point per graft, and provided patients with only small sessions of a few hundred grafts resulting in limited density and fullness. But now things have changed a lot. These days, hair restoration clinics provide free no obligation consultations, with surgical sessions charged either per graft or by session. When a patient requires more grafts for their hair restoration procedure, the cost of the hair transplant becomes a very reasonable cost for the patient. And often times, if there are more grafts needed that can be done in one session, the Doctor will divide the procedure into multiple sessions.

Overall, at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration we believe the expenditure on hair restoration treatment is worth the value in terms of natural results and lifetime investment. The cost of hair restoration surgery in terms of long-term costs is less expensive compared to the cost of non-surgical solutions such as hair system or hair loss medications.

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, an advanced Los Angeles hair transplant clinic, works to your satisfaction. The surgical team carries out a maximum of one hair transplant procedure per day which helps in attaining a meticulous standard with no set limit time frame. Following the first consultation, a detailed personal estimate is prepared to provide the patient an overview of the highly-skilled intricacy of the procedure and the cost involved. The cost of the procedure can be equated to a family holiday, but certainly with the added benefits of stability and permanence in hair restoration.

Hair Transplant procedure cost depends on these factors:

  • The size of the area that needs to be transplanted
  • The degree of hair loss
  • The amount of thickness you wish to achieve
  • How quickly you want to achieve your final goal

Some patients want the hair restoration procedure to be carried out hurriedly and ask for as many grafts as possible transplanted at one time. Some go for a gradual approach comprising of a group of smaller procedures, reducing the initial cost and allowing future consideration of how far to exceed.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of graft is reduced with the increase in the number of grafts per procedure, and is determined during the consultation process. We assure a greater value for your money through our state-of-the-art techniques and innovations in hair transplant surgery.


Consider not the cost per graft but the cost per graft that grows; you cant get a better value than you do with the vastly experienced, scientifically dedicated artistic staff at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. The price per transplanted graft may not be the price you ultimately pay if the procedure is not performed properly. You want to pay for each transplanted graft that grows hair. Additionally, you want that hair to be properly placed with the natural direction of your hair growth.

At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, we dont belive in graft splitting and dissecting the folicular graft units smaller grafts charge more.Instead,we charge per graft and actual follicular.Sometimes,due to poor or careless technique, you lose your grafts.Loss of grafts means forever loss of the living donor tissue which is a limited non-replaceable resource. This makes it clear, why many people end-up paying much more to so-called bargain clinics for each hair that actually grows.


We spare no expense in our goal of maintaining our reputation as one of the best clinics in the industry.
Our staff uses only the most current and powerful microscopes and operating lenses to separate the grafts and preserve the follicles, resulting in the full growth of the most natural appearing hair. We charge per graft and not per hair. This has become a recent advertising technique for some hair transplant clinics. It is almost impossible to count the transplanted hairs but possible to count the transplanted grafts. You will end up paying more if you pay per hair.

Do the math:

At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, on average, there are 2.5 hairs per follicular graft. This renders high quality and reputation, as we have a long list of celebrity clientele including the high-profile personalities who spend their lives in front of cameras. Our reputation and success have been have built with dedication and hard work and speak of the services we offer. Now, it is for you to decide what suits you the best. Whether you want to go for the best services or seek the bargain to save a few bucks which actually is a great loss in the long run, is simply a matter of your choice.

Strip Procedure Cost per Session: $3-$6 per graft based on quantity

Lunch Time 500 Grafts Procedure: $3000

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): $8 per graft
*Discounts apply for placement on our standby program ? permission to use your images and videos *Non-refundable deposit required to scheduled the procedure. *All follow up visits after the procedure are complimentary. No hidden fees!


On average, you have to shell out $1,200 for a quality custom hair replacement system which needs to be replaced once a year. In addition, for regular upkeep and reattachment every 5 to 6 weeks costing $75 per visit or $675 per year is required for a hair replacement system. Thus, going by calculations, approximately $28,125.00 ($1,200 plus $675 in annual upkeep = $1,875; for 15 years, $1,875 x15= $28,125) is spent over 15 years on buying and maintaining quality hair replacement systems. The cost incurring on surgical hair restoration is much less than this whopping cost for custom hair replacement system.
Consult a physician for an estimate on hair restoration- a simple personal call or email can start your road to recovery, so what are you waiting for? All consultations are complimentary and free of charge. We will personally answer all your questions. Remember, choosing the right hair transplant surgeon can be the most important decision you will make in your hair loss treatment. Each physician has his own standards in this delicate procedure, as this will depend on his artistic touch and knowledge of technique. Your final cost will depend on who you select and how many grafts you require.


At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, we understand the cost of a hair transplant procedure is an investment. A procedure at our Los Angeles hair restoration clinic can improve not only your self-esteem but your life. While in an ideal world the cost would not determine your decision to improve yourself, we understand the limitations that arise when considering an elective procedure ? since hair transplant surgery is not covered by insurance.
As an alternative, we offer financing for qualified hair transplant patients. This allows the patient to spread out the cost of the procedure into payments over a long period of time ? making it more affordable. It is important during the consultation to mention your interest in our financing options ? our patient coordinator will go over the cost of the procedure as well as the application process to apply for financing.

For more information about our financing options, contact us.